Hvem: instagrammer @laurapshort med det fantastisk smukke instagramunivers deler i dag fem tips til at tage fotos og imstagramme.

Here on Instagram I always use my Iphone. I think it is incredible to see what it can do for such a small device! Here are my tips on taking pictures for Instagram:
* Before taking the picture, see what suits the image best. If you are concentrating on a person, vertical positions are often best. Landscapes really stand out when taken horizontally.

* Tap your focal point and drag down the little sun that appears to adjust exposure. I always take darker pictures and then edit the brightness later.

* Use a good editing program. I think VSCO has very good filters, but I always adjust manually after choosing one. Afterlight has good fun effects like cracks and light leaks.

* Mix up the pictures on your feed as to provide inspiration on art, food and places (as well as cute kids if you like;) If you like a balanced feed, try alternating between calm and full on pictures.

* Trust your own eye for beauty. It can be a trap to think whether your picture will be liked by many, especially with Instagram’s recent changes. Do it mainly to express your own creative self! 

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